From the moment a guest creates a reservation to the moment it arrives in Mews Operations, it can pass through as many as three different sources:

  1. First source: A more general source, the largest booking channel relevant to the reservation. This could be a Global Distribution System (GDS), or a larger OTA (for example, Expedia).

  2. Second source: A more specific source which narrows the general source down. This could be a sub-group of the more general source (for example, Expedia collect).

  3. Travel agency: A precise source, usually a smaller travel agency. This could be a corporate travel agency (for example, AmEx Travel).

Only one of these sources can be attached to the reservation as the travel agency in Mews Operations. You can determine which source is used in Mews Operations by mapping to the source you most want to track.

Mews Operations can automatically create company profiles and their corresponding travel agency contracts when they are provided by the channel manager but can't be found in Mews Operations. Learn how to enable automatic company and travel agency creation.

Track your reservation sources

When a source is attached to an incoming reservation in Mews, it's listed as the Travel agency in the Reservation Module.

The way that Mews chooses which source to automatically attach to a reservation as the travel agency depends on which channel manager integration you use, so the use-cases differ slightly.

If you have a connection to d-edge, SiteMinder, or SynXis

We recommend that you map all of your booking sources. If a reservation contains multiple booking sources, we'll automatically attach the most specific one to the reservation in Mews Operations (to make sure that you get the most precise reporting).

Reservations will only have a travel agency attached if they come through a GDS. In these cases, we recommend you map the second source to make sure you get the most detailed source information. Contact your Channel Manager support for a full list of second sources from your OTA.

If you have a connection to any other channel manager

We recommend that you only map the most specific sources to ensure that you get the most precise reporting. We automatically attach the most general mapped source to your reservations, so if they are all mapped then you’ll only see the first source attached to reservations, and won't see the specific travel agencies.

Before you can map your sources, you'll need to create a company profile and a corresponding travel agency contract for each of them.

Note: Some channel managers can send reservations with both the company (the guest's place of work) and the travel agency attached. Reach out to your channel manager to see if they support this.

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