If a guest needs to move into a new space during their stay, you can split their reservation.

Note: You can only split a reservation when the guests are in-house; you cannot split a future stay. For stays in the future, shorten the original reservation and create a new one to cover the remaining time.

Splitting a reservation automatically: a) shortens the original reservation, b) creates a duplicate reservation that begins when the first reservation ends and c) groups the two reservations together.

  1. Open the reservation.

  2. Go to the Properties tab.

  3. Under Split reservation, select the date and time that the guest will begin their stay in the new space.

  4. Click OK.
    When the guest is ready to move to a new space, you'll need to check out the original reservation and check in the new reservation.

Note: If stay items attached to the original reservation have already been closed, you can still split the reservation. The system will rebate and update those items automatically, but you'll need to close the bill again.

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