Consolidate your reservations on the Timeline with the click of a button so you can:

  • Save time that would have been spent manually shuffling reservations.

  • Get a clutter-free overview of your availability.

Note: If you have any nested spaces at your property (spaces within spaces), you'll still need to optimize your space allocation manually.

Optimize the Timeline

  1. Go to the Timeline.

  2. Choose a two-week window you'd like to optimize, and use the date selector to find it.
    The 14 days from the first full date on the screen will be optimized (for example, in the picture above, the 14 days from 26/05/2020 would be optimized).

  3. Click Optimize space allocation. Don't worry, you can preview the changes before you confirm them.

  4. If you're happy with the changes, click Apply changes.

What's taken into account?

When you optimize your Timeline:

  • Locked reservations won't move.

  • The reservation assignment strategy selected in your bookable services (for example, "bottom-up", "top-down") will be taken into account.

  • Any reservation created while the Timeline is being optimized will be automatically included and allocated to an optimal space.

  • Guest preferences won't be taken into account; we recommend that you lock reservations that have specific guest preferences so they don't get shuffled when you optimize the timeline.

Tip: When you optimize the Timeline repeatedly, you'll keep getting different options until you find one that best fits your preferences.

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