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How-To: Miappi Monetize
How-To: Miappi Monetize

Using Miappi's Shopper feature on your social media networks

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Miappi's Monetize feature lets you upload an unlimited number of products to the Monetize page and then associate up to 5 products to each social post. Better still, you can do this time and time again for as many social media posts as you like.

How does it work?

Look at the main navigation in the left-hand pane of your Miappi dashboard. You will see the menu item 'Monetize'. Click on it.

Once on the Monetize page you will be invited to add products by clicking on the 'Add Product' at the top of the page.

When you add products to the Monetize page you will be asked to add a product name, product ID, image url or JPEG, a call to action and a link to the page where your customers can view/purchase your product or service. 

Moving back to the main menu, go to the 'Curate' page.  You will now see a 'handbag' icon whenever you hover over any social media post. Click on that icon and you will be invited to 'Select products'. Select and add up to 5 products to each post, click save and close the pop-up. That's it you're done! 

Now, go and check-out your handy work on the front-end by clicking 'View'. It looks great and maybe more importantly, the Monetize feature will help you to drive more engagement and higher conversions.

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