On the page where you have embedded the Miappi widget, provided you have the 'Public Form' enabled you can open the popup using one of two methods:

1. Add the following class to your element: mpi-public-form-trigger

2. Define a global variable with the class name for your element, this can do under the var _mpi_user... from the embed code page, e.g. var _mpi_publicform_trigger = 'my-public-form-class';

Given you now have a external 'Public Form' trigger, you may find the 'Trigger Tile' is redundant. In which case try one of the following:

1. Dashboard > Profile > Feeds > Public Form ( Manage ) > Customize Trigger Tile > Show Trigger Tile? > No

2. Set data-publicform-trigger-tile-show="false" on the 'div' you create when embedding, e.g. `

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