How does Engage Link work?

Once you have found a piece of content you wish to request consent for, start by clicking on the paper plane icon for an Instagram post on the Curate page of the Miappi dashboard.

In the new pop-up start by writing a message to the Instagram user, type what you like into the field or ‘generate’ one of several pre-written messages. Alternatively, you can create one of your own to be saved and used later by clicking on the pink 'Saved Messages' link at the bottom of the window and then 'Create New Message'. 

Once you’ve written your message, go to the second form field and add a URL link to a relevant Terms and Conditions policy. This will describe the terms under which you intend to use the person’s content. To save you time, the same Ts&Cs link will auto-populate into other posts until you want to change it.

At this stage you can also add your preferred hashtag format for the approval of content e.g. '#yesCornetto.'

Once all fields are populated you can 'Preview' the message.  If you're happy with how it looks click 'Create Link'.

At this point you have two options:

1. Link

You can copy the message/link and paste that as a Direct Message (DM) to the Instagram user who you want to communicate with. They can then give their consent by following the link to a landing page and clicking the 'Approve' button. 

The landing page looks like this:

2. Mention

Copy the message and paste it as a comment on the post you would like to use. This route allows the Instagram user to give their consent by @mentioning you (the brand) at the same time as using a relevant hashtag e.g. '#yesCornetto.'

NOTE: You will be automatically Mentioned when the user replies to your comment. It's essential that they @mention your brand in their comment so that we see and record this within the Miappi dashboard.

IMPORTANT: To enable the @mentions feature you will first need to have connected/authenticated your Facebook account on the Feeds page/My Feeds. (You will also need to ensure you have an Instagram Business page associated with that Facebook account). Once Facebook is connected you can then connect 'Instagram Graph'.

To enable Miappi to collect the Mentions from Instagram you must also toggle the speech bubbles on the Feeds page (In the 'My Feeds' panel) from red to green. See below. 

With both the Link route and the Mention route Miappi then sees the approval and keeps a record of it. Within the dashboard the status of that post changes to 'Approved' which is indicated by the Paper Plane icon turning green.

You can filter all approved posts on the Curate page. Click on the Advanced Options link to expand the menu. Hover over the Paper Plane icon and filter by one of the drop down options that appear.

NOTE: A post will appear under 'No Response' after a 2-week period, but you are able to reach out multiple times to gain approval. 

Tip :

1. You can comment on a post using the browser-based version of Instagram. In other words there's no need to use your mobile device at this stage.  

2. To open up Instagram on your browser click the link on the Miappi Engage pop-up. The link is highlighted in pink when you preview your message to the user (see image below). You then just need to paste your comment underneath the user's post on Instagram.

You are then able to send a Direct Message straight to the user from the web version of Instagram in a few easy steps! Good Luck!  


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