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Media Cost-Savings Calculator
Media Cost-Savings Calculator

Estimate the value of your acquired and distributed media via the Miappi platform

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If you would like to discover the cost value of the content you have both collected and used so far through Miappi, then you can begin in your Curate page.

Once here, remain at the very top of the page and look to the top-right corner where you should be able to see a pink link underneath your web 'View' button, this will be titled as 'Cost Savings'.

Select this new feature option and a window will pop-up giving you the option to view cost savings for both published media and rights-approved media.

Published media will be referring to content you have used to send directly to your live embed on your official site. Rights-Approved Media will be any content you have requested permission from the post owner to either be used on a live implementation or for any marketing purposes.

You will now need to input a monthly media production cost figure, which means any cost that you may have spent originally finding or creating content over the past 30 days can be compared with what you have collected so far using Miappi. As you 'update', this will tell you in the 'Cost Savings' section.

And voila! If you have any further questions about this new feature then please do get in contact with your personal Account Manager for more info.

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