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Collect your brand's Instagram Stories by authenticating your IG feed in the dashboard

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To begin this process, you will need to make sure that your brand's official Instagram network is already connected to your Miappi dashboard. If you haven't done this yet and need some guidance, click on the link here to follow the proper steps!

Once this has been connected and authorised, you will then be able to start collecting any owned stories attached to this Instagram network that have been posted within the last 24hrs.

The Instagram API provides Miappi with a jpeg thumbnail image including any text and/or filters ‘baked’ into the image. This content will start to be pulled into your Miappi Curate page.

Side Note: Miappi are not able to collect Stories via hashtags using the usual end point of the API and any new Stories created when a user re-shares a Story will not be returned.

To ensure we can collect all important content, we recommend encouraging Instagram users to post in feed in addition to posting Stories. To do that, users can download their story:

. Open your Instagram account and click on the 'Settings' icon

. Click on 'Story Settings'

. In the 'Saving' section, activate the options 'Save to Archive' (Android) or 'Save to Camera Roll' (iOS)

Users can then upload their image into their Feed and use the correct hashtag(s) relevant to your campaign.

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