How Campaigns work using the Miappi for Shopify Integration

A campaign name is created in the Merchant’s Shopify Store page. That same campaign name is then reflected in the Miappi dashboard on the Conversion Tracking Page of the Analyze tab.

Any product page (in Shopify) that uses that campaign name will form part of the data registered in the Miappi dashboard. See Analytics > Conversion Tracking.

Creating Campaign Names

There are two ways to create campaign names - static and dynamic. For products and collections you can apply both static and dynamic names. For everything else, including the Home page, you can use ONLY static names.

Static Campaign Names

  1. To add a Static Campaign, navigate to Customize Theme.

  2. Then, from the drop-down menu, select 'Products' and click on ‘Miappi Social’ app in the sidebar.

    3. Once there, update the value in the ‘Miappi Campaign Name’ field.

Dynamic Campaign Names (Only for Products and Collections)

Alternatively, to allow each product page to have a dynamic Campaign, you can:

  1. “Insert dynamic source” by clicking on the icon to the right of the “Miappi Campaign Name” label. Next, select either an existing dynamic source (‘Vendor’ or ‘Product Rating’ for example)

2. or create a new product-level metafield.

To add a new metafield, click on ‘Show More’ and then the ‘Add metafield’ link which will open a new window.

Click on Products, then ‘Add definition’.

Give it a name/description, and then set the Content Type to ‘Single line text’. Click save.

Next, return to the ‘Miappi Campaign Name’ input in Customize Theme and select the newly created dynamic metafield. You may need to refresh the page before the new metafield appears.

You will also need to populate the newly created metafield on the Products page.

You can create Templates that define whether the product has a dynamic or a static campaign name. Alternatively, the template might be defined as having a Miappi widget or not having a Miappi widget.

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