What app blocks are in your app, and their purpose

The Miappi for Shopify App provides blocks that can be added to an existing section of your ecommerce site. This block will be represented as a Miappi UGC gallery on your webpage. You can place the block exactly where you want to use it on that page.

App blocks can be added, removed, re-positioned, and customized through the Theme editor. App blocks might only be compatible with certain page types. For example, a size chart app might only be compatible with product pages.

Note: App blocks can only be used with Online Store 2.0 themes. If you use a vintage theme, then you should read the app listing and documentation to understand whether the app is compatible with your theme.

How to configure functional settings for app blocks

Once you have installed the app block you will be able to input different parameters in the fields on the right hand side of the page.





The title text above the widget


Miappi Username

This is the username that can be found under the settings tab in the Miappi dashboard


Miappi Campaign Name

You can create specific campaigns for each block you insert


Miappi Folder ID

Set this to the id shown in the folders settings.


Shopify Product ID

Set this to show tagged products for a particular SKU



Enter a css unit of width, e.g, 350px for 350 pixels or e.g, 100% to automatically fill the width available.



Enter a css unit of height


Padding Top

Slide to choose the spacing applied above the widget


Padding Bottom

Slide to choose the spacing applied below the widget



  • If the template is not on a product page, you need to enter a folder id or product id for it to display any content.

  • Product templates will by default send the current SKU to the widget. You can override defaults by tagging products with a folder or a product id.

  • e.g, on the product page for a specific product add a tag called ‘miappi-folder-xxxx’ where xxxx is the folder id found in the Miappi dashboard.

What Shopify templates can Miappi app blocks be added to?

The Miappi app block can be added to any Shopify template, but the set up steps are different depending on the type of template.

Product pages

  • The app block can be added to the product page, and the SKU will be passed to the widget automatically.

  • You can override this behavior to show “Miappi Folders” or other products (see 'How to configure functional settings for app blocks')

  • Important: Posts are hidden by default until you have moderated them in the curate screen. To ensure that any posts are displayed via your Miappi app block, you must set the posts that you wish to display to “show” on the Miappi dashboard’s Curate screen, or in any Miappi Folder.

  • The widget will load any posts that have been tagged with the Monetize feature in Miappi Dashboard as containing this product SKU.

  • You need to tag the product with ‘miappi’ to enable the widget to display. This is to ensure you don’t have empty widgets on the page before you have set up the products on the Miappi dashboard’s Curate screen.

Non-Product pages (e.g Home page, Collections, Pages, Blogs, Cart / Checkout)

  • On these pages, the product cannot be auto detected. Instead, you can use the widget to display a folder of content that you curated earlier in the Miappi dashboard, or you can specify a product SKU to display.


  • In this case you need to provide a folder id, or a product SKU.

  • To create a Folder, in the Curate page of the Miappi dashboard, click the folder icon, then add a post to an existing folder or create a new folder.


  • Find the SKU of the product from the Shopify product page (long number in the address bar on the product page)

  • Enter it in the widget settings for the template, e.g, 6702143275087

How to add, remove, and reorder app blocks

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

  • Find the theme that you want to edit, and then click Customize.

  • Navigate to the page where you want to add the widget

  • You can create a new section, or add the block to an existing section.

  • Click Add block.

  • From the drop-down menu, scroll down to the Apps section, select Miappi Social.

  • Optional: move the app section to the place you want it on the page by dragging with the right side icon:

  • Once you have added the block you must configure it with your Miappi settings (see 'How to configure functional settings for app blocks')

  • Click Save.

To remove the app block, select the Miappi Social App

  • At the bottom of the configuration settings for the block, select ‘Remove Block

If you have any questions regarding your Miappi Conversion Tracking for Shopify, please get in touch using info@miappi.com.

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