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Miappi Inserts let you increase user-engagement by adding dynamic user-generated (earned) content, to your email marketing campaigns. Just by adding a URL to your emails you can now include your most valuable social media assets to back-up your outbound email marketing messages. 

Why is adding earned content to your email campaign such a great thing to do? Well, put simply, user-generated content provides something called ‘social proof’. Research shows that if your peer group is saying good things about products and services then you are more likely to try it out for yourself. So if social proof sells why not put it where your customers can see it?

Miappi Inserts let you take any feed (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.) or a mixture of those feeds and add them into an email. The Insert can be configured with different templates and by varying the number of rows and columns. The result is that an Insert can be exactly the size and shape that suits your email layout. 

Inserts works just as well with emails sent from your desktop mail client as it does with emails you send from cloud-based email software. In order to do so you'll need to take a few extra steps. 

In most instances there should be an option to add HTML code to the content of your desired email template. Once you've done this, copy and paste the piece code below and add the Embed HTML code generated from within your Miappi dashboard.

If you want the Insert to take the full width of your template, simply add: style="width:100%" right after: <img. Similarly, you can change the percentage and adapt it depending on your needs. A small line between the Insert and the edge of the Code block will appear. To remove it, add: class="mcnImage" right after you've changed the width.

The really clever part is that our Inserts update themselves so the content is fresh whenever the email is opened. You can set the automatic update scheduler from 15 minutes to 1 year or you can just use the manual ‘Regenerate' button any time you like. 

Linking your Insert to another web page.

If you want to add a link URL to your Insert that re-directs users, that can be done just as easily with anchor tags. Just add <a href=“{the URL of your choice}”> and followed by the rest of the code shown above. Don't forget to always close the anchor tag by adding </a>. 

If you want the users to be directed to another window/tab when they click on the Insert you just have to add target="_blank"> right after the URL. 

Here's an example of a Miappi Insert with anchor tags:

<div class="mcnTextContent><a href="http://www.gmc.com/" target="_blank"><img class="mcnImage" width="600px" src="https://inserts.miappi.net/inserts/image/9576cdfa-47f8-496f9ca9-15a0ce0986b7.jpg?width=600"></a></div

As well as taking content directly from the live feeds, Inserts can be configured to take content from a specific folder. Using the Miappi Folders feature you can save content to a folder (either manually or using the automatic moderation features) and then use that content in specific inserts.

Why not run an A/B test on your campaign to see how Miappi inserts can increase customer engagement with your emails?

Update: Wondering if Miappi Inserts can be used in social media advertising? If so, the answer is yes! Now with Miappi Inserts you can include user-generated content in Facebook and Instagram ads. By using Mailchimp's latest feature Ad Campaigns, you can upload the Inserts Embed URL into Mailchimp's Content Manager (when building an Ad Campaign, in the Content field) and instead of a simple image a snapshot of a Miappi Insert will be featured.

Important: If you are using user-generated content (UGC) with the Inserts feature and distributing that to paid advertising channels it is advisable to seek permission from the contributor before you publish your advert. You can manage rights within the Miappi platform by using the Engage feature. Once you have permission from the contributor you can collect all contributor approved content into a campaign folder and use that to populate your Inserts.

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