Mighty CEOs can now design their own products to sell in their stores!

As a CEO, you create a graphic design and chose the product you'd like to have that design printed on. You don't need to pay anything upfront for the products or ship them out yourself -- when a buyer purchases the product from your store, Mighty will ship it to them directly.

Here's the coolest part: any product that you design will be added to the Mighty catalog for other CEOs to sell too! When another CEO sells your product, you'll get a Designer Fee so invite your friends and encourage them to promote your awesome designs.

Introducing the Mighty x CEO Collection

Once you have your Mighty account set up, you can check out the products in the Mighty x CEO Collaboration here: https://mighty.business/products?category=mighty-x-ceo

This is the Mighty x Savannah hoodie that Savannah, CEO of Moonlight (https://moonlight.mighty.business/) designed as an example. We love it!

How to Create a Mighty x CEO Product

  1. First, think of a super cool design that you want to see on a product. You can use a photo, draw something by hand, pick a word or phrase... it's up to you! Keep in mind that we can't approve designs that use someone else's copyright or are negative in tone. Read more about our design guidelines and tips here.

  2. Submit the Mighty x CEO collaboration form here. We'll ask you to attach a file with the design you just created and choose the product you'd like to see printed on from a list of options. Right now we are inviting CEOs to design one product each. You can preview the products you can print your design on here.

  3. We'll create an image of the product you selected with your design on it and upload it to the Mighty catalog. Look out for an email from us as soon as it's live! It usually takes us about 1 week to get your product ready.

  4. Add the item to your shop and let your community know it's there! You can use Mighty's tools to marketing tools to email your network to everyone and ask them to spread the word.

  5. When you sell a product that you designed, you'll get a % of the revenue (see how much you'll earn for each product here). When another CEO sells a product that you designed, we'll send you a Designer Fee!

Like all of the products on Mighty, you don't have to pay anything up-front to add these products to your store. When customers purchase any product from your store, we'll take care of shipping it out to them and send you the profits you've earned.

How to Sell Mighty x CEO Products

Just head over to the collaboration page here and start adding products to your store!

If you have any questions, send us a chat message or email us at support@mighty.business. We can't wait to see what you design!

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