If you are designing a product for the Mighty x CEO Collaboration, please keep in mind these guidelines and tips:

Use a high-resolution image

The ideal resolution is 150-300dpi. Here's a helpful free tool to figure out if your image has the right resolution in dpi. Enter "300" in the dpi field, then enter whatever size you'd like the printed image to be in inches the other fields. The maximum size on t-shirts and hoodies is 12 x 16. The tool will then tell you what the size of your image needs to be in pixels.

Remove backgrounds

If you'd like to use a photo or screenshot, remove any background color that you don't want to print. Here's a great free tool that you can use to do that: https://www.remove.bg/

Here's an example: if I have a photo of a hot air balloon and I want to print the balloon, but not the blue sky behind it, I need to remove the background.

Crop your Image

Cropping means cutting out your image so that only the parts of the image you want to print are visible. For example, if you draw something in a notebook and take a picture of it, use the camera app on your phone to crop the picture so we only see your drawing and not the notebook it's in or the table it's sitting on. Check out the example in this picture of how to crop an image using the built-in photo app on an iPhone.

Try creating a design on your phone!

There are lots of great, free design apps that you can download to your phone or tablet that will let you do things like draw with your finger and create collages with photos you like. Some suggestions:

  • The photo app built into most phones has fun editing features standard. You can take a picture of something and change the angle, coloring, size, and more to make it your own. There are lots of free apps you can download to give you even more functionality to do things like create collages and add text. PicsArt for iPhone and Android is a great example.

  • If you want to create WordArt, using a word or phrase with unique colors and fonts, you can do that in any text editing app. Google Docs is one example.

  • ProCreate for iPhones & iPads and Autodesk Sketchbook for Android phones and both amazing free apps with tons of functionality for creating amazing digital art.

Avoid copyrighted images

Any image that you use should be something that you created (a photo you take, a digital image that you manipulate, a piece of art that you create, etc). Avoid using images that are created and copyrighted by other people without their permission. This means that you can't approve designs that use another brand logo or video game character for example.

Keep your message positive

Mighty will approve all designs before posting them and we will not publish designs that are negative, hateful, or inappropriate.

Don't use a selfie

We can't approve a photo of your face. Your product with this image on it will be available for all CEOs in the Mighty community to check out, so we put this rule in place to protect your privacy.

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