[Starting of Aug 19th, 2022]

How much money will I make when another CEO sells my product?

Answer: See chart below.

Price Change Transparency

Because of your amazing feedback, we learned that you and your customers wanted lower-priced customizable products to be available on Mighty.

Not only have we decided to lower the prices of all of our existing products (T-Shirts, Hoodies, iPhone Cases, and Face Masks), but we also introduced four new lower-priced products for you to design and sell (Hats, Tote Bags, Mugs, and Stickers).

Here's a summary of the profit they earn on each item in our catalog:


Retail Price (AKA Revenue)

What the customer pays


What our partner charges to print and ship the item to the customer


What you earn after subtracting the cost to print and ship the item

Adult hoodie




Kid hoodie




Adult t-shirt




Kid t-shirt








Bucket hat




Baseball cap








Water bottle




Tote bag








Sticker (1 sheets)




iPhone case




Face mask




If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback about the information above, please feel free to send us a chat message or email us at support@mighty.business.

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