We heard you loud and clear: Many of you come to Mighty to run a business independently and earn money. However, youโ€™ve shared with us that your customers often find the prices of the products you sell too expensive. We want to ease this pain point by lowering the prices of all products in the Mighty catalog.

As of July 1st, 2022 all new products created will retail at a lower price. This means that in order to take advantage of lower prices, you must create new products. Only new products will be listed in your shop at the lower price.

Here is a summary of the new retail prices for products in our catalog and the profit youโ€™ll earn when you sell those products:


Retail Price (AKA Revenue)

What the customer pays


What our partner charges to print the item


What you earn after subtracting the cost to print and ship the item

Adult hoodie




Kid hoodie




Adult t-shirt




Kid t-shirt








Bucket hat




Baseball cap








Water bottle




Tote bag








Sticker (1 sheet)




iPhone case




Face mask




How are we doing this?

We are able to lower prices by standardizing the profit you make on every item you sell to 20% of the retail price. This profit margin is considered normal across e-commerce drop-ship businesses.

Does Mighty make money on CEO sales?

As a reminder, when you make a sale, we pay our printing partner to create and ship the item to your customers. The difference between the retail price (the price products are sold for) and the cost incurred from our printing partner is the money you make. This is your profit. Mighty takes no fees on the sales of products on our platform.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback on the information above, please send us a chat message or email us at support@mighty.business.

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