What are Mighty's Community Guidelines?

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Mighty’s community empowers you to create and share content with a wide and diverse audience. We want the Mighty experience to be welcoming for everyone, so certain content can’t be shared or transmitted through our community.

Have Fun & Be Safe

Create posts that are true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind. Promote yourself, your skills, your interests, and your Mighty business. Self-promotion should be thoughtful and consistently well-received by the community.

Follow CEOs, follow topics, like posts, ask questions, share thoughts, participate in challenges, vote, give feedback, and make friends. Before you promote yourself, be sure that you are engaging with other posts as well.

Protect Your Privacy

We urge you to protect your privacy and the privacy of others by never asking for personal information from other CEOs and never sharing your own personal information. Personal information includes Email, Phone Number, Home Address, Last Names, Social Media Accounts, Game Handles, etc.

Do not share links to sites or forms where personal information is requested or collected from CEOs. Do not share links to sites or forms that display your own personal contact information. Do not share links to sites where CEOs can contact you. Do not share location-based information that can make you easy to locate in real life. This includes addresses, school/camp names, city/town, etc.

Proofread Your Posts

Before pressing “Submit”, make sure your questions are clear and descriptive. Check your spelling and grammar. It helps people find your questions and you’ll get better answers.

Be a good citizen

If you see great content, give it a like, a comment, or a follow. If you see bad content, report it so that the Mighty Coaching Team can review it. Help other CEOs if you know the answer to their question. You make a difference in shaping the Mighty community experience.

Intolerant or Discriminatory Content

Mighty welcomes diversity in race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, national origin, or other groups. We don’t tolerate discriminatory behavior towards anyone in our community.

Posting anything that targets class, gender, age, orientation, religion, national origin, weight, or disability will result in your shop being unpublished. Posts encouraging the harassment of any individual, group, or community will be deactivated, and the submitting CEO may be removed from the platform.

Graphic or Explicit Content

Mighty requires that content remain appropriate for all ages. Including but not limited to violence, guns, nudity, and inappropriate language. This includes jokes, memes, or quotes that have explicit language. Also, we do not allow the depiction or promotion of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, or explosive weapons.

Illegal Activities

Don’t contribute to content involving or promoting illegal activities, including harassment, bullying, assault, doxing, swatting, gambling, illegal drugs, animal cruelty, fraud, hacking, or piracy. Content that condones or incites violence against others has no place here.

Also Not Allowed in the Mighty Community:

Posts about romantic relationships, political opinions, posts asking about someone else’s religious beliefs, or sexual identity. It is okay to post about your own religious beliefs or identity, but do not question others about theirs, and do not attempt to make posts or comments in reference to someone else’s religious beliefs or sexual identity.

Comments about a person’s physical appearance.

Trolling or attempting to incite negative reactions from other CEOs.

Selling non-Mighty products or services in the community.

*All community posts and comments are subject to Mighty approval. We may remove posts and comments that we believe are unsafe or inappropriate for the Mighty community.

**Continuously breaking the rules of the community will result in a written warning, then a 14-day community suspension, and finally complete removal of community access.

The Mighty Community Guidelines are not final and may change over time, so make sure you check back regularly to stay up to date. “But, I didn’t know…” is not a good excuse. We’re all here to have fun and create.

In addition to our Community Guidelines, check out these additional resources:

Thank you for being a part of the Mighty community and doing your part to maintain a safe and fun space for everyone.

What can you do in the Mighty CEO community?

  • Connect with, follow, and help other CEOs

  • Follow topics to talk about things you're interested in

  • Share photos, videos, thoughts, questions, and answers

  • Participate in challenges and polls posted by Mighty

  • Watch and react to the content shared by Mighty and other CEOs

  • Share ideas, Make Requests, and give feedback directly to Mighty

  • Discover collaborators, designers, and new friends

  • Be a leader, start a movement, and create change together!

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