It's easy to capture a stereo audio recordings in studio grade-quality everywhere. Listen to this video with lots of stereo recordings in it. Please use headphones for listening.

You can easily record stereo recordings by using 2 Mikme Microphones.

  • Position the 2 Mikmes. There are different stereo recording techniques. There are a lot of articles and books about stereo recordings but to keep things simple you can start with this setup.
  • Position the 2 Mikmes with a distance of about 15-30cm. Also longer and shorter distances work fine but will change the stereo width of your recording.
  • As Mikme has a cardiod polar pattern, let each Mikme face a bit off axis with it's front towards the target sound source.
  •  Now start a local recording on both Mikmes by pressing the top button.
  • Make a clap with your hands in the middle of both Mikmes so you have a peak in the recording.
  • I also always say "Recording New York 1" or something similar -  so i can easily hear later on which stereo recordings fit together.
  • Transfer both files of both Mikmes to your computers hard disk.
  • Now you can import them easily and these files in Logic, Final Cut or any other software manually by searching and aligning the peak of the hand clap within the waveform of the files.

Happy creating!

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