This article explains how to set the microphone gain of the Mikme Microphone.

What is the gain of the microphone?

The gain setting of the microphone is used to increase or reduce the power/strength off the recorded signal in order to optimize it for further signal processing. If the signal is too weak there will be noise that can be heard in your recording. If the signal is too strong the input of the Analog Digital Converter (ADC) will be overdriven. Once your ADC overdrives, your recording will be distorted and cannot be used anymore. Therefore it is very important to set the gain of your microphone correctly.

Here are a few tips how to do this:

  • If you have a very loud input signal you need to lower the gain. Otherwise the signal fed into the ADC will be too loud and you'll get distorted sound. 
  • If you have a very silent input signal you'll want to set a higher gain to get a better signal-to-noise ratio for your recording.

Signs for an incorrect gain setting

  1. The microphone's top LED will flash/gets dark irregularly 
  2. This is an indication that the current gain setting will lead to a distorted recording. If you see the top LED flashing you should immediately check and reduce the current gain setting. If the top LED gets dark, even for a very short period, the gain setting is still too high. If you already set the lowest gain possible, you can increase the distance to the sound source to reduce the signal level at the microphone's input.
  3. You don't hear anything or want it louder
  4. It could also be necessary to change the gain if you have a very silent sound source. Please use the headphone output to monitor the signal and set the gain accordingly.

When can I change the gain setting of the Mikme Microphone?

On the Mikme Microphone you can set the gain if the microphone is in STANDBY/IDLE mode or during recorging.

  • Your Mikme is in IDLE mode if the top capture LED is either white (local recording) or blue (Mikme Microphone linked to the Mikme App). 
  • It is not recommended to set the gain while recording  (the top capture LED is red) as the clicking sound of the buttons will be heard on the recording. This should only be done in "emergencies". Please always try to set the gain correctly before you start a recording.
  • You cannot set the gain if you are in the external storage mode (the top capture LED is orange).
  • In playback (the top capture LED is green) you can only set the headphone volume, not the microphone gain.


How to set the gain manually on your Mikme

1 – Activate set gain mode

Press and hold the top capture button for at least 1 second, the top LED will change it's color to pink.

2 – Adjust the gain

Adjust the gain by pushing the '+/-' buttons at the rear side of Mikme. You can set the gain from 0-30 dB.

Whatever you may want to record (e.g. your voice), speak/sing into the microphone and adjust the gain so that the top LED never gets dark. If the LED is flashing the gain is too high and the audio signal is distorted. If that happens press the '-' button 2-3 times to set a lower gain; wait until the top capture button LED is not flashing any longer while you're speaking or singing.

3 – Save the gain

Once you find the right gain save it by pushing the top capture button shortly and the top buttons LED will change it's color again back to either white or blue.

The gain is saved in your Mikme Microphone for future recordings, even if you switch off the Mikme Microphone.

See this video showing the steps:


If you need to change the gain during an ongoing recording

This should only be done if the top LED gets dark during a recording and you cannot stop the recording anymore. Push the '-' button at the rear side of Mikme to reduce the gain until the top LED never gets dark. Wait for a few loud parts in the recorded signal to double check that the top capture button LED is not flashing any longer.

How to set the gain manually using the Mikme App

If your Mikme Microphone is connected to the Mikme App you can change the input gain remotely. Also, when connected via Bluetooth the microphone's top LED will flash irregularly (blue) to indicate a signal overload on the microphone, letting you know that your recording may be distorted.

1 – Go to the Mikme Microphone setting screen in your Mikme App

Whenever connected to a Mikme Microphone the App will show a Mikme logo in its header. By tapping this, you enter the setting screen of the connected Mikme Microphone. This is what it should look like: 


2 – Adjust the gain using the INPUT GAIN fader

You can set the gain from 0-30 dB in 1-3 dB steps using the left fader in the setting screen.

As long as the microphone's top LED is flashing, the gain is too high and the audio signal is peaking and too loud. To set a lower gain, pull down the left fader until the top capture button LED on the microphone is not flashing any longer while you speak or sing. The last setting of the INPUT GAIN fader will be stored on the microphone and in the App automatically once you exit the Mikme setting screen in the Mikme App.

Now you are ready to capture in perfect quality.

Happy Creating!

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