Influencers’ social channels that participate in a certain campaign are being tracked automatically via mentions and hashtag filters, so each campaign has an associated list of posts. 

Additionally, campaign owner can add posts manually (that is if an influencer has not added a hashtag to the post or a post is added outside of campaign's time scope).

To add a post manually, click on Statistics menu item in the top of the dashboard and choose on relevant campaign you want to add a post to.

On the next screen, choose Posts tab.

Add the posts manually by pressing “Add post by link” to add a new post and in the pop up window add post URL and choose a channel it corresponds to. Hit “Save”.

Each campaign post contains short info (image, link to the source page, date) and engagement measures such as likes, comments, shares, and views that are aggregated and displayed on the campaign dashboard page.

If you are sure that the post includes all hashtags and mentions but didn't appear on the page you can trigger it by pressing Refresh button on the same page.

Based on information from added posts you can see Projections for your campaign. 

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