We provide a powerful campaign performance tracking tool where much of the relevant data is automatically fetched and updated regularly. As a result, those responsible for the campaign, can measure campaign performance both from the quantity perspective (e.g. likes, comments and other interactions), but also qualitative metrics apply (media value and Return on Investment).

Go to campaign dashboard, click "See Statistics" menu item in the top and select the relevant campaign.

This is where you can see the statistics for the entire campaign. There are several tabs for you to explore:

Posts - displays the list of posts taking part in the given campaign. There is an option to add posts manually. 

The post will be displayed automatically if that includes all relevant mentions and hashtags for this campaign. If not it can be added manually. The post must be created by campaign participant. 

Settings - this is where you can set engagement media values per social media if they are different from defaults. 

NB: It is important to set at least "1" as a number of Posts (means how many posts from every influencer will be created) otherwise statistics won't work.

Projections - the system predicts the number of engagements taking into account actual performance, channel reach and engagement rate as well as the number of posts to be made. To see projections you need posts to be connected at the Posts tab.

You can also export campaign statistics at any time and send the link to relevant persons. The export button is located within campaign dashboard as shown on the screenshot.

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