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Both influencer and influencer agencies has a complete view on earnings made within campaigns.

Amounts are grouped by month and take into account marketplace fee and only bookings that have been confirmed by Brands.
System provides invoicing details and order number, so that influencer or influencer agency has all needed information in order to invoice marketplace.

To receive the earnings the influencer have to invoice the platform from his Revenues page. This option become available once in on the 10th of the month and stay available until the invoice. 

NB: Make sure you have filled in all details to you Billing information section. Otherwise you can't receive the payment . Additional information about filling in of Billing information can be found here.

If the Brand says that they paid for the provided services but you still don't see it at you Revenues page then he might have missed to accept your delivery.
Feel free to contact support to help with the payment issues.

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