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Producer - How to Use Shared Files

In this video, we will show you how to use shared files for your producer account.

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The Shared Files page in Milk Moovement is a safe and secure way to store information and collaborate with others! You can receive files your Co-op has shared with you here, or upload files to be shared with Admins, Producers, Handlers, Carriers, Drivers or Sub-Producers.

This article will walk you through the Process to Receive or Share files through the Milk Moovement portal.

  1. Access the ‘Shared Files’ tab in the menu to your left.

    Note: A number next to the ‘Shared Files’ text means you have files shared with you for review.

  2. To access received files, select the ‘Received’ tab. This tab will show you files that have been shared with you.

  3. To view a specific file, select the file to view or download.

    Note: Files are divided into individual files 🗒️ and folders 📁. A folder has a new file shared within it when a blue dot appears next to the folder icon. Once you click on the file, the status will change from ‘unread’ to ‘read’.

    If the file is an excel sheet, or a larger file, it will download directly into your downloads folder on your computer.

  4. To share a file and access shared files, select the “Shared” tab.

  5. To share a file, select ‘Share a file’ at the top of your screen

  6. Select the folder you wish to share the file to and select the users you want to share the file with.

  7. Click ‘Share a file’ and your file will be shared with the selected users

Still have questions? Hit the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen to send a message to Milk Moovement’s 24-hour support line!

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