Where is mimble located?
We are proudly based in Portland, OR

Where is the money going? Who holds the funds? How do I get it back?
All funds are held with Evolve Bank, member FDIC. They are federally secured up to $250,000 to give you safety and security. At any point during the saving process you can transfer the funds back to a linked account in your name. Please see our Terms of Use (mimble.co/terms-of-use) for more detailed information.

So mimble sets up a bank account on my behalf?
Yes, with an FDIC insured banking partner, Evolve Bank. We do this because it helps reduce fraud and will allow to provide even better services in the future.

If I save for a goal and end up deciding that I don’t want or can’t go on said goal, am I forced to only use my money on that?
Nope! Until you decide to purchase a gift card using your savings, the cash is yours. You can transfer it back to your checking account, rename the current goal, or transfer the funds to a different goal. 

How do I know that the app is secure and safe?
We go through multiple rounds of audits by multiple parties each year to ensure that our tech stack is kept up-to-date with the latest defense mechanisms from attackers and thieves. There is not such thing as being 100% secure but we do everything we can to keep it safe. Our banking partners, SynapseFi and Evolve Bank, take security equally as seriously. Please feel free to contact us at help@mimble.co for any specific questions you might have.

How do you make money? Why is it free?
We make money when our users purchase a gift card through our platform. For example, when you save $500 for a trip and use it to buy a $550 gift card, we charge a commission to the brand partner as a percentage of your $500 savings.Our goal is not to push you to save with our partners. Instead, we see it as a challenge to find the partners that our users want. Please let us know if you want a reward/offer from a company who is not currently on our platform. We will do everything we can to add them to the platform to help you save!

What is in the Terms of Use?
The Terms of Use covers the usage of the app and everything surrounding it. Two of the most important parts state that we are not charging you a fee and will not sell your personal info.Other key notes:
 1. You are a US citizen and at least 18 years of age
 2. You will not use the platform for money laundering or other illegal activities
 3. We have the right to change the Terms of Use at any time and you are automatically opted in (standard across almost every company)

This is a document put together by lawyers so it's long and potentially confusing. Please let us know if you have any questions.

How do I reset my password or PIN?
At every login and PIN entry screen you should see a link to reset that password or PIN. Clicking on that link will take you through a couple of steps to reset your password or PIN. For security reasons, after you have connected a bank account we require that you verify the last 3 digits of your account. This helps prevents fraudsters from hacking into your account via the reset password or PIN option.We take security seriously and understand that there is a balance between being easy to use and highly secure. We appreciate your help and support to keep your information safe.

Who has access to my data?
Only the mimble team and our banking partners. We do not share your personal data with outside parties except on an as-needed basis to carry out core services per our Terms of Use (mimble.co/terms-of-use). Our business is NOT based on selling ads or sharing your info, but instead on charging brand partners. Learn more at mimble.co/privacy

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