First Step: Ensuring you make the right connections

Best practice is to make sure your photos have solid connection to your Apple Photos Library. 

1 ) Make sure you have 'Copy Items to the Photo Library' turned on in Photos>Preferences. 

**Please Note** Copying items is helpful to ensure your connections to your photos remain active. But, this can take space up on your hard drive. If you prefer to only copy in the photos you will use for your book, follow this article: Apple: If the Media Browser doesn't show your entire Photos library

2: If using iCloud, ensure 'Download Originals' for iCloud Photos Library is turned on

Import Photos into your Mimeo Photos Project

OPTIONAL TIP: If you want the same photos from an already existing project to move into a new project, open the older project selected under My Projects and click the + sign to create the new project of the same product type

To import photos into Mimeo Photos, simply drag the photos from your library, from an album or drag an entire album onto the project you are working on, on the left hand side panel as shown below. 

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