What does the autofill feature do?

The autofill feature automatically places your photos throughout your photo project after selecting a theme. Photos, pages, and layouts can all be altered, moved, or deleted after being placed. 

How do I turn off autofill?

Follow the steps below to choose the placement of photos in your project's theme:

  1. Choose your photos and select your project.

  2. In the Theme Library uncheck the Autofill My Photos box.

You will now be able to place all of the photos in the theme's layout. Please note, autofill is automatically disabled in the Blank theme.

Using Autofill

Selecting autofill before your project is started will automatically place your photos throughout your photobook. If you have already created your project and now wish to add more photos using the autofill option:

  1. Click the Mimeo Photos logo located at the bottom right

  2. Select "Yes" under "Autofill My Photos"

After adding pictures to your project, they will automatically place on the blank image boxes throughout your project. 

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