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Update to Layouts in Margins
Update to Layouts in Margins
Information on a recent update modifying 0.25" margins to 0.5"
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Recently, we made some changes to a small number of our layouts to better improve your experience and to reduce the risk of any of your important content being cut off or pulled into the binding during the production of a photobook. The update converts our layouts which used a 0.25" margin to now use a 0.5" margin.

All new projects will show the new 0.5" margin. However, if you're noticing that you have a layout where identical layouts on the left and right pages are displaying different margins, there is a simple fix.

Step-By-Step Walk-Thru

1 )  Select the page with the 0.25" margins:

2 )  Select the page with the 0.25" margins:

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