mimic's experiential content delivery platform is built upon three pillars. The "Web Experience Builder" is the backbone of your creation, where all other elements fall into place. This pillar compliments the other two; Video Toolkit and Metaverse Uploader, to produce an engaging virtual experience that is guaranteed to WOW your audience.

Let's have a look at some of the great features that compose the Web Experience Builder:

1) Built-in Customizable Pages:

We have incorporated ready-to-use pages and navigation menus that can be easily customized to your liking with a few clicks and edits. These include:

  • Customizable sign-up/sign-in registration pages.

  • Stage Control pages with a default stage input each (pre show holding slide).

  • Drag-and-drop pages to facilitate design without coding.

  • Engagement pages including chat rooms, breakout rooms, and exhibitions.

  • Customizable Header and Footer navigation menus.

  • Built-in and customizable email templates.

  • Custom web page designs using drag-and-drop or iFrame.

  • Custom playlist pages, virtual space pages, and embed pages.

2) Web Portal Design Settings:

Designing your website with mimic is fast and convenient and can be done without coding. Some of the customizable design elements include:

  • Drag-and-drop content tools such as text, video, column, divider, form, etc.

  • A built-in image gallery powered by Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

  • A selection of fonts to customize the different text elements (e.g. headers, paragraph text, buttons, etc).

  • The option to download custom fonts to match your brand.

  • Customizable colors of our native video player's UI elements to match your brand.

3) Live Streaming Pages:

Upload, host, and share your video content using built-in configuration options. Add video inputs to your stages and control them with ease:

  • Choose from upstream SRT/ RTMP, YouTube, or Vimeo input sources.

  • Insert your own embed code to mainstream the video source to your web portal.

  • Run simultaneous events at the same time with realtime multi-stage control.

  • Manage audience accessibility to stages with public vs private viewing.

  • Run streaming tests pre-show by setting stage pages to 'invisible' mode.

4) Multi-language and RTL Support:

Create multilingual web portals with our built-in AI translator and RTL support:

  • Add and manage languages with a click of a button.

  • Use built-in translation blocks when creating your web page design.

  • Extract translations with a click of a button with Amazon Translate.

  • Edit translations manually should you need to.

  • The website automatically changes its layout to support Right-to-Left languages.

5) Audience Engagement Platforms:

mimic is all about audience interaction with ready-to-use engagement platforms while supporting app integrations as well:

  • Activate built-in engagement panels such as Chat, Q&A, and Polls.

  • Create exhibition pages, breakout rooms, and virtual networking spaces.

  • Embed gamified experiences for your audience to get hooked.

  • Integrate existing tools that you like such as Kumospace, Miro, Zapworks, Three.js, PlayCanvas, and 3Dvista.

6) Virtual Space Integrations:

Mimic supports the integration of JavaScript built virtual spaces such as PlayCanvas, Babylon.js, Unity, etc:

  • Save your virtual space as a zipped file and upload it onto mimic seamlessly.

  • Take content that you have created in mimic and embed them into your virtual world, including live streams, breakout rooms, exhibitions, etc.

  • Use the Metaverse Uploader to create a virtual environment for real time networking using both text chat and video chat.

  • Build an overall immersive experience for your audience by integrating virtual spaces into the web portal.

  • Want to know more?

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