mimic's experiential content delivery platform is built upon three pillars. The "Video Toolkit" is the beating heart of your creation, where you control and manage all of your video content with ease and practicality. This pillar compliments the other two; Web Experience Builder and Metaverse Uploader, to produce an engaging virtual experience that is guaranteed to WOW your audience.

Let's have a look at some of the great features that compose the Video Toolkit:

1) CloudFront CDN and Transcoding:

Our CDN platform of choice is Amazon CloudFront with guaranteed high bandwidth and low latency:

  • Secure global distribution to over 200 edge locations.

  • Built-in SRT/RTMP configurations for ease of stream works.

  • High video quality with adjustable bandwidth according to area connectivity.

  • Adjustable renditions to manage the quality and cost of transcoding.

  • Custom video transcoding workflows for fast and efficient processing.

2) Built-in Control Centre:

Upload, host, and share your video content using built-in configuration options. Add video inputs to your stages and control them with ease:

  • Choose from upstream SRT/ RTMP, YouTube, or Vimeo input sources.

  • Insert your own embed code to mainstream the video source to your web portal.

  • Set shows to start automatically with built-in default stages displaying countdown.

  • Accessible and synchronized multi-stage control with ease.

  • Run 'invisible' streaming tests pre-show.

  • Run simultaneous events at the same time.

  • Distribute your audiences into multiple stages to manage crowding.

  • Manage audience engagement platforms simultaneously and in real time at each of your live stages.

  • Add language interpretations and automatic live captions into your multilingual events with Interprefy.

3) Video Management Tools:

Manage all of your broadcast and streaming work with ease and from a single platform. We have everything setup and ready for you:

  • Mainstream video sources to your website; e.g. social media streams.

  • Embed stages or plug your own external player of choice into mimic.

  • Manage audience accessibility to stages by setting pages as public or private.

  • Organize videos into playlists, making it easier for viewers to sift through relevant content.

  • Manage the order in which you want audiences to view your video content with playlists.

  • Video-on-demand feature for audiences to access videos post-event at their own time.

  • Selective content distribution of your video content based on post-production work to promote viewing.

4) Customizable Native Player:

We use THEOplayer as our built-in video player of choice, which is the most performant HTML5 video player in the market:

  • Customizable colors of all UI elements to match your brand.

  • HLS, MPEG-DASH, and progressive MP4 support.

  • Supported by multiple browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera.

  • Built-in features such as 4K resolution, multiple audio tracks, frame accurate seeking, display of program date/time, etc.

  • Want to know more?

1.2.2 Stage Control Module

1.3.12 Stage Control Overview

2.6.1 Stage Inputs

2.6.3 Stage Control: Chat

2.6.4 Stage Control: Q&A

2.6.5 Stage Control: Polls

2.6.6 Stage Control Custom Tab

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