Scalability is one of the design concepts in mimic. Therefore, we have incorporated a Custom Tab into the Stage Control Module to give users the ability to embed pages and platforms of their choice to meet their demands. In this article, we will showcase how to use this feature and provide some use examples for the custom tab.

  1. Create a Custom Tab

  2. Example Use Cases

1. Create a Custom Tab

To insert a page or platform of your choice into a particular stage, go to the Stage Control Module > select the stage you want to edit > click on “Custom Tab” from the right-side pane. Next, give your new custom tab a name, and enter the code in the iFrame box. Finally, the most important step is to activate your custom page or platform to go live on your website by turning the Custom Tab toggle switch ON (located on top of the stage preview window).

2. Example Use Cases:

There are many things that you can embed into the custom tab to scale your project as per your needs. Put your coding skills to the test by embedding your own code to insert any function of your choice to meet your demands. We provide herein only a few examples of how you can utilize this brilliant feature:

  • Run multi-audio events with a click of a button:

We have partnered with “Interprefy”; a remote simultaneous language interpretation platform that transcribes and translates speech automatically in real time.

To learn more about Interprefy and use their services, please visit

  • Insert event-specific documents:

Create and analyze your event’s performance by embedding Google Forms, Surveymonkey, and more. For example, you can gather audience feedback about conference topics and speaker performances, you can insert a quiz for the audience to solve, or even a questionnaire for them to fill up, you can insert a registration form, speaker biography, event brochure, etc…

If you have utilized this feature recently, please share your use case with us, so we can spread the experience! We are also more than happy to receive suggestions for further improvements and use ideas. Please contact us at

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