Stemming from mimic’s mission to produce an engaging virtual experience for your audience, we believe that seamless live streaming is key to creating an engaging experiential platform for your audience. In that respect, the Stage Control module is designed to help streaming professionals run their events with ease while controlling audience journeys in real time. In this article, we will explore the different functions available in the module, list their features, and provide some examples of their use.

  1. Managing Stage Inputs

  2. Interactive Engagement Panels

  3. Scalability with Custom Tabs

1. Managing Stage Inputs

Comfort and practicality are key design concepts in mimic. Therefore, we have equipped the Stage Inputs function with a number of easy to use and highly efficient features. These include:

  • Secure CDN and transcoding using Amazon CloudFront with global distribution to over 200 edge locations. Read this white paper to know more.

  • High video quality with adjustable bandwidth and rendition settings to manage the quality and cost of transcoding.

  • Multiple video source input types such as YouTube, and Vimeo. Moreover, we incorporated SRT/RTMP configuration screens to make live streaming even easier.

  • The option of embedding your own external video source.

  • A built-in and customizable default stage input that acts as a preshow holding slide.

  • Accessible and synchronized multi-stage control with a click of a button.

  • Embed a stage from mimic onto another website or page.

  • Smooth switching between video inputs with screen transitions - coming soon

Example Use Cases:

The Stage Control Module is simply a built-in control centre from which you can manage all of your broadcast and streaming work with ease and from a single platform. We have everything setup and ready for you to go. Herein, we provide a few examples of how you can put these features into use:

  • Run multiple and simultaneous live events with ease.

  • Control streaming and broadcast by switching between videos seamlessly.

  • Plug your own professional media player onto mimic.

  • Setup and customize a preshow holding slide, displaying countdown to start time.

  • Run invisible streaming tests preshow with SRT/RTMP input sources.

  • Mainstream video sources to your website; e.g. social media streams to mimic.

  • Reach a wider audience by embedding your stages from mimic onto another website.

2. Interactive Engagement Panels

Not only do audience members enjoy seamless live streamed shows but they can also engage in interactive sessions with the host of the show and with other registered members. The Stage Control Module is designed to promote interactive environments that encourage such real time participation. In each of the live stages, you can manage audience engagement simultaneously and in real time. Audience interactive panels in Stage Control include: chats, question-and-answer, and polls. The table below outlines the features of each:

Example Use Cases:

Interactive audience engagement panels are powerful tools for enhancing participation. Herein, we mention a few cases in which they can be utilized:


- Promote virtual brainstorming with live chats to share ideas in real-time.

- Provide chat support to answer audience queries in live events.

- A platform for audience members to network with one another.


- Filter and select questions for panel discussions.

- Preview questions on stage screens for the audience to see.

- Preview questions on the host’s tablet device to read out.

- Allow audience members to use their devices to send messages.


- Gather audience feedback about certain topics using polls.

- Create quizzes to test audience knowledge with polls.

- Collect audience information with polls.

3. Scalability with Custom Tabs

Scalability is one of the design concepts in mimic. Therefore, we have incorporated a Custom Tab into the Stage Control Module to give users the ability to embed pages and platforms of their choice to meet their demands. Below are some examples of how you can use this versatile feature.

Example Use Cases:

  • Run multi-audio events by integrating a language interpretation platform. We have partnered with Interprefy for this purpose. To learn more visit

  • Gather audience feedback about conference topics and speaker performances by embedding Google Forms, Surveymonkey, and more.

  • Insert a quiz for the audience to solve, or even a questionnaire for them to fill up.

  • Add event-specific documents such as registration forms, speaker biographies, event agendas, brochures, etc.

  • Embed a web page, metaverse, photo gallery and much more.

  • Want to learn more?

2.6.1 Stage Inputs

2.6.2 Audience Preview and Management

2.6.3 Stage Control: Chat

2.6.4 Stage Control: Q&A

2.6.5 Stage Control: Polls

2.6.6 Stage Control: Custom Tab

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