We believe that interaction panels are a vital part of creating experiential content for your audience. Therefore, the Stage Control Module is equipped with a number of interaction panels to promote audience engagement. These include chats, question-and-answer, and polls.

In this article, we will discuss how to use the Q&A function in the Stage Control Module.

  1. Adding Questions

  2. Question Modes and Management

  3. External Screen Preview - NEW

1. Adding Questions

There are two routes for adding questions to the Q&A platform. The first route is from within the Stage Control Module itself and can be performed by team members including the Account Owner, Project Admins, and Engagement Managers assigned to that particular stage. The second route is from the website by registered audience members on an active (live) stage. Note that audience entries can be controlled and this function will be discussed further in the next heading.

  • Questions added by team members from the Project Panel:

We have allowed questions to be sent from within the Stage Control Module to create opportunities for discussions to be initiated if needed. In this way, Engagement Managers (or other team members) can add questions to entice topics of conversation. This function is performed by going to Stage Control > open the Stage of choice > click on the Q&A tab from the right side pane > click on “Add Question” located at the top of the Q&A panel.

  • Questions sent by Attendees from the website:

For audience members to be able to send questions, the Q&A panel must be activated first. This can be managed by any of the team members (Account Owner, Project Admin, or Engagement Manager) by simply turning the Q&A toggle switch ON (located above the preview window).

On the website - in the particular page where the event is being streamed - registered members of the audience (Attendees) will see the Q&A pane and can type in their questions. However, whether questions get displayed directly on the website or not depends on the Q&A settings - discussed in the following section. Audience members can “like” a question by pressing on the thumbs-up icon located at the bottom of each question box. Moreover, the side pane containing interactive panels can be collapsed by clicking on the “arrow” icon.

2. Question Modes and Management

Audience questions can be managed by project team members in order to ensure that only viable and appropriate inputs are displayed. We have incorporated three types of question modes in the system; namely “Normal”, “Hidden”, and “Approve”. The table below provides a description for each mode type.

To choose a Q&A mode, open the dropdown menu by clicking on the arrow inside the setup bar > then choose the desired mode.

The images below show how the question boxes would look like for each mode selected as following:

Team members can perform other moderation and management tasks by clicking on the ellipsis and choosing a command from the dropdown menu.

For questions that are archived, the color of the box turns light grey so they can be easily spotted and differentiated.

In each mode, questions can be filtered to ensure that the moderator did not miss any entries.

The table below explains what each of the items enlisted in the filter menus indicate:

3. External Screen Preview - NEW

A great way to ensure your events are interactive and keep the audience engaged is to preview Q&A inputs onto a physical screen or device. We have incorporated a new feature in the Q&A panel that allows you to do just that. Every question box contains the “Show on preview monitor” toggle switch. When the switch is turned ON (question is “Active”), then it will be added onto an external web page that can be used to display questions on monitors in the physical venue.

> Notes:

Upto four questions can be previewed on a monitor. Therefore, the system will block any further requests to add questions once the preview list is full.

To add new questions to the preview list, the user needs to clear out some questions first by turning their toggle switch OFF to make them “Inactive”. Alternatively, the user can archive and/or delete an “Active” question.

Questions that are “Active” will have an orange heading to be easily spotted and managed in the system.

To see the questions preview page, click on "Open preview monitor" in blue, located at the top of the Q&A panel. This URL link can be shared and opened across multiple screens and devices in the venue.

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