Stemming from mimic’s mission to produce an experiential platform for your audience, we believe that creating an engaging web portal is key to keeping your audience hooked. In that respect, the Web Portal module is equipped with attractive features that help content creators produce such engaging environments. In this article, we will explore the different features available in the Web Portal module and provide some example use cases.

1. Customizable Web Page Designs

2. Real Time Control of Visitors Journey

3. Global Outreach with Multilingual Content

1. Customizable Web Page Designs

Practicality and functionality are key design concepts in mimic. Therefore, users can either create their own custom web pages or use the built-in collection of fully customizable web pages. The following sections outline the features incorporated into the web page builder and some example use cases.

  • Features:

- Customizable sign-up and sign-in registration pages.

- Broadcast and live streaming pages with customizable page elements.

- Pre-built and fully customizable web pages; created using the drag-and-drop builder, such as Home, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, etc.

- The option to create custom web pages; with or without coding. These include iFrame pages, Unlayer drag-and-drop pages, or Playlists.

- Customizable audience engagement pages that include Chat Rooms, Breakout Rooms, and Exhibition pages.

- The option to download fonts and use them in your web page design.

- Customizable UI colors for mimic’s native video player: TheoPlayer.

- The option to duplicate web pages to facilitate faster web page design and delivery.

- Add or remove header/footer from pages with a click of a button.

- White labeling support with custom web portal domains.

  • Use Cases:

- Manage the content and design of registration pages to your liking and event requirements.

- Customize the appearance of your event’s broadcast pages to match your branding.

- Customize pre-existing web page templates for faster turnaround time.

- Or, create impressive websites with ease using the Unlayer drag-and-drop editor; no coding or design skills required.

- Alternatively, design your own custom pages from scratch and put your coding skills into practice with iFrame.

- Embed interactive pages onto your website such as virtual spaces, gamified experiences, and more.

- Create playlist pages using your own video repository from the VOD module.

- Brand the web page design to the fullest by downloading and using custom fonts.

- Use TheoPlayer in your web design and customize the colors of the UI elements to match your brand.

- White label your web portal by configuring a custom domain at a minimal cost.

2. Real Time Control of Audience Journeys

The Web Portal module is equipped with toggle switches that act as control buttons to allow real time management of audiences’ access to your website. Moreover, the navigation menu can be configured to control audience journeys in real time. The sections below outline these features followed by some example use cases.

  • Features:

- Change the entry point to the website from one page to another.

- Set pages live or take them offline with a click of a button.

- Control web page accessibility by using the public/private toggle switch.

- Customize and arrange the navigation menu in real time by simply turning the page visibility on/off, or assigning them as public/private.

- Manage audience registration by switching the sign-up and sign-in pages on/off.

  • Example Use Cases:

- Take pages offline to apply major edits and redesigns.

- Control who watches your video content and/or live events by setting pages as public or private.

- Manage when you want audience engagement platforms to be available for the audience to join.

- Control audience registration by enabling or disabling the sign-up page on your web portal in real time.

-Run live streaming tests away from the audience's view by managing the visibility of broadcast pages.

3. Global Outreach with Multilingual Content

We believe that a global outreach is eminent to the success of your events or to increase your viewing numbers. Therefore, we incorporated the option to insert multiple languages to the web portal that visitors can choose from. Below are the features pertaining to creating multilingual content in the Web Portal module.

  • Features:

- Built-in language selection menu in the navigation bar.

- A selection of 70+ languages to choose from.

- The use of an AI translator to speed up the translation process.

- Right-to-left support for languages such as Arabic, and the interface changes its appearance accordingly.

> Caution:

The use of automatic translations as a sole solution is strongly discouraged. If you decide to use translation software, they should have the translation reviewed by a qualified language professional before posting it to the website to ensure that the translation correctly communicates the message in a culturally relevant manner.

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