It depends on if you are in the Slideshow path or Video Collage path.

If you are creating a slideshow in the slideshow path, you can add multiple text watermark by using the text feature.  With this feature, you can also apply animation, change the font, color and placement of the text.  A fun feature is pinning text to animated objects in videos.

If you are using the Video Collage path, you are limited to 1 watermark.  If you are looking to add multiple watermarks, we recommend using the slideshow path.  

If you want to add text to a collage with more than 4 frames, create the collage in the video collage path, save it to the camera roll then add it to the slideshow path.

Please note, PicPlayPost only supports 1 image watermark (i.e. a jpeg or png logo) per project.  However if you add an image watermark, save then reload into PicPlayPost, you can use this hack to add multiple image watermarks.

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