Do you ever ask yourself how you can elevate your photos and make them stand out?  In this blog, you will learn about a simple tool to make your photos POP by adding 3D effects and creating dynamic color contrast.  You don't need any prior editing or photoshop experience to achieve this effect, it's very simple to do.

We recently relaunched one of our popular photo editing app called PopAGraph (click link to download).  Users can take any ordinary photo and transform them into instant art for Instagram Stories or create a new Facebook cover (we offer Facebook cover ratio).  Check out the example below...

Two things to point out:

  1. The young girl is in full color, background is black and white

  2. Leaves are also in full color and some are jumping out of the frame (this is the 3D effect)

Here is a high resolution GIF to show you the before and after 😁⛩

This photo was edited with PopAGraph and created in just three steps:

  1. Masking: PopAGraph offers a simple way to mask your subject (in this case, the girl and leaves).  

  2. Filters: You can apply filters to the background (or subject) to create a dramatic contrast.  In this photo we used a black and white filter in the background to show the contrast but we have 40 filters you can select from

  3. Frames or borders: To create the 3D effect, apply frames or borders over the "Pop" subject.  In this photo, the frame was placed over the leaves and created the effect of the leaves popping out of the frame.

You can share your project in a variety of formats - photo, video, high resolution GIF or Live Wall Paper.  With Live Wall Paper you can share it as your wallpaper on your device.

Once you select your format, you can then share to your favorite social platform.

Download PopAGraph  Here

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