Every great video has a soundtrack because adding a song to your video can create emotions word and text cannot express.

PicPlayPost makes it easy to add your song and for those who are looking for ways to be creative, you can now add multiple songs to your video. 

1. Select New Project and select Slideshow Path

2. Select your ratio and add your media

3. Select Music

4. Select Add Music.  You can add music from your
    a) Library (My Music),
    b) Audio from other videos (My Videos)
    c) Free music (Theme Music)

5. Use the Start and End option to set the beginning and ending of the song.  Use this feature to add multiple soundtracks. 

6. To delete a track click on the song (blue means it’s been selected) then select the red trashcan icon

7. Once complete, click the green check mark to accept changes

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