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#PicPlayPost #Android How To Make A Collage (how to add photos, videos, gifs)
#PicPlayPost #Android How To Make A Collage (how to add photos, videos, gifs)
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  1. Choose a frame layout 

  2. Press the empty space inside the frame and at the top of the screen you will see music, camera, video, and "..." icons. 

  3. Press the music icon to add music, press the camera icon to add gifs/photos from Gallery or the video icon to add videos from Gallery, press the "..." icon to search Giphy or YouTube. 

  4. Press "Preview" to preview your collage. 

  5. Press "Share" to share or save your collage.

If you want to make Instagram stories, use the 9:16 ratio (choose it from the main screen). You can also use the 4:5 ratio for Instagram and IGTV.

Make sure you have 1-2Gb free in internal storage for rendering and videos are recorded directly with your device's camera app and saved in internal storage. Close all apps running in the background to free up device memory for faster performance.

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