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#PicPlayPost #Android How To Make GIFs (GIF Maker)
#PicPlayPost #Android How To Make GIFs (GIF Maker)
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(note: available on Android 6 and below. We are working to support this feature on Android 7 and above)

PicPlayPost makes it easy to create your own gifs with your photos, videos, and other gifs:

  1. Add a video or a gif to your frame layout (you can also mix/include photos) 

  2. If you don't want a border around your gif, press STYLE button and drag the frame border width slider all the way to the left to make the border width zero. 

  3. Press "Preview" to preview your gif 

  4. Press SHARE and select the "More" option 

  5. Press the "GIF" button to save your gif to Gallery

Note: you need to add at least 1 video or gif to your layout to make a gif

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