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#PicPlayPost #Acapella #Android Video and Sound Is Not Synchronized
#PicPlayPost #Acapella #Android Video and Sound Is Not Synchronized
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Use our other app Acapella to synchronize your singing and make harmonies:
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Android OS unfortunately has several limitations for acapella recording which varies device by device and by manufacturer. We have informed Google about these limitations and requested their support to work with device manufacturers to make improvements (these limitations are outside our control).

If you are using your camera app to record your acapella videos, the best way to improve voice synchronization is to record all your videos with a metronome playing in your headset to ensure the same timing for each recording, and then use a common sync point in all videos (a visual marker you set at the beginning of each recording).

So when you are ready to import each video in PicPlayPost, trim each video to begin at this visual marker.

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