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Introduction to the four types of settlement accounts
Introduction to the four types of settlement accounts

Four ways to manage your assets

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Mixin Wallet


Mixin Wallet is a decentralized wallet built in Mixin Messenger.

It has many features:

  • Secure: Decentralized wallet

  • Instant: Confirm finality less than 1 second

  • Free: No transfer fees

  • Easy to use: Manage assets with a 6-digit pin, making transfers by contacts

  • Diverse: Support 44 public chains such as BTC, EOS, ETH, XMR, and more than 100,000 tokens.

  • Open source: All code is open source on github

Mixin Messenger has a strong ecosystem that contains trade, staking, swap, Loan, payment game, etc.

Who it's for

If you don't know how to program or don't want to program and want to complete the payment link operation with a few clicks, Mixin wallet is for you.

Cafes, restaurants, any retail store can use this wallet to settle and store their cryptocurrency.

Mixin Wallet is the easiest way for non-program users to use.

If you want to program your assets, make products to provide service to your users, there are three other accounts for you.

How to use it

After downloading Mixin Messenger, search for bot ID: 7000104220 to use

Developer account


This account helps you build applications on Mixin, with features as follows:

  • Secure - All assets are stored in PoS-BFT-DAG distributed network

  • Fast - More than 1,000,000 TPS capacity with a final confirmation time of under 1 second.

  • Powerful - Supported 41 blockchains, such as BTC, ETH, and XMR.

  • Free - No transaction fee.

  • Privacy - End-to-end encrypted messages.

Who is it for

For anyone who wants to integrate crypto payments into their products. The developer account may be the best way to use —— Programmable, decentralization, cross-chain, high TPS, privacy and free.

There are many user cases in this way:


How to use it

  1. Download Mixin Messenger and sign up

  2. Use Mixin Messenger to scan and login into the dashboard

  3. Create an application

See Docs

Multisig Account


Multi-signature is a safe, reliable, and effective practical technology that can effectively improve the security of custody assets and enhance customer trust. Mixin mainnet supports multi-signature based on ed25519, and t/M can be arbitrarily set to participate in multi-signature, where t is threshold, M is members, and M supports up to 255 people to participate in multi-signature. For example, 2/3 multi-signature means that there are three people who jointly manage the assets, and any two people need to sign the transaction to use the assets.

Who is it for?

Multisig Account has the most security for custody assets.

Whether you are an enterprise, a DAO, or you want to offer a more secure product, MixPay support settle your assets into your Multisig Account.

See our Demo: If you pay to this link, assets will be settled into a multisig account. A withdrawal request was created. Only if 6 of 11 in this group agree to withdraw, the asset would be withdrawn success.

The Trident is a decentralized NFT trading platform, which uses a multisig account to make sure no one does evil.

How to use it

  1. Download Mixin Messenger and sign up

  2. Search for the MixPay bot: 7000104220 to create a Multisig Account

  1. Follow the tutorial to create a Multisig Account.



MVM - Mixin Virtual Machine is a cross-chain smart contracts platform based on Ethereum Virtual Machine.

MVM's features are open source, secure, low-cost, lightning-fast, and decentralized.

Who it's for

It is for senior EVM developers.

With the help of MVM, developers can use their MVM wallet to receive cryptos from any chain, and cross-chain from MVM chain to any chain easily and fast.

See MVM bridge, they use MixPay as a cross-chain product, pay any crypto, and swap it for any crypto with 0 fee.

Also, MVM needs gas for transfer. helps them to buy a small amount of gas, which is powered by MixPay.

How to use it

You can access the「Dashboard」page through the official MixPay website.

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