Using your API key

How to leverage your MNTN API key to pass data outside of MNTN.

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Your API key allows you to access MNTN reporting data outside of the MNTN user interface. This is supported through a User Application Protocol that delivers the reporting data in several formats. The process looks as follows:

βœ… Send this API (once copied) to the developer responsible for accessing the MNTN API.

βœ… This will allow you to make requests to our R2DS data service.

βœ… This in turn allows you to embed reporting data into your own applications.

How to Access the API Key

  1. Navigate to My Account and select the API tab

  2. Click Copy and you'll see that you've copied the key . . .



Using the MNTN API Request

Once copied, you can either use your browser or a terminal app with any MNTN API request. Just make sure to include your API Key as part of your HTTP request.

β“˜ Example HTTP API Request

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