1. MobFox serves ads (banner, video, native) with the original impression URLs that the DSP put inside and adds the MobFox impression pixel at the end of the markup.
  2. Before serving MobFox replaces all RTB MACROS like ${AUCTION_PRICE} for example (all those are defined in the RTB spec).
  3. When the publisher renders the ad, all trackers will get called at the same time by the browser (web view) rendering the ad. Also the DSP impression pixels get called directly by the app (on the mobile device) when the ad is rendered.
  4. MobFox has a fraud check (DSPs/Demand Partners might have a different one or none at all).
  5. - First we check for the request_hash to be correct.
  6. - Then we check for country - has to be the same as in ad request.
  7. - Then we check for device model and make - has to be the same as in ad request

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