Download Charles proxy - and open on your pc/laptop.

  •  Make sure that your pc/laptop and your device is connected to the same network.
  • Then you go to your internet settings on your device - > long tap on the wifi you're connected to - > manage network settings.
  • On that page you scroll all the way down and check 'show advanced option' and under 'Proxy' select 'manual'.
  • There you will need to input your network IP address and the port that Charles uses.
  • The easiest way to find them is to on Charles proxy menu click Help -> SSL Proxy settings -> Install Charles root certificate on a Mobile device or remote browser.
  • A window will pop up with the message "Configure your device to use Charles as its HTTP proxy on..." and there you will find your IP and port.
  • After you done so open your browser on your mobile device to go to this address:
  • This will download charles certificate on your device and will ask you to install it.
  • Install it. and than you should see traffic from your device on Charles sequence screen.

This is basically it. but in order to see the full logs from Mobfox you will need to go through one more step.

On Charles Proxy menu click on 'Proxy' (make sure that macOS proxy is not checked) and click on 'SSL Proxy Settings'

A different window will pop. click 'Add' and under 'Host' enter "*" (without the quotes). leave the port field empty and click 'ok'.

One more thing - if your device is using android version 6(Marshmallow) and above you will also need to add 'network_security_config.xml' to your project as shown in the following docs:

Now you should see Mobfox request and response logs when making ad request from your app.

Save the session and send it to us.

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