1. Add MobFox as a S2S mediation network

In MoPub Dashboard select ‘Networks’ tab,
Click on ‘New Network’,
Select ‘MobFox’.

2. Create/Select ‘Order’
In Mopub Dashboard select ‘Orders’ Tab.

  • If this is the first time you configure ‘MobFox’ as an ad source click on ‘Create Order’ button and fill the order name and Advertiser fields with MobFox name.
  • If you already created an ‘Order’ dedicate to MobFox please select this ‘Order’ from the list.

3. Add a Line item
‘Type & Priority’ - select ‘Network’ and keep priority as 12.
‘Network’ - Select MobFox
‘Override Publisher ID’ - in this filled you should fill the Inventory hash of the relevant
publication from your MobFox account: Go to MobFox dashboard→
‘Publisher’→’Integration’→ select the relevant Publication→ ‘Inventory Hash’
‘Line Item Name’ - Describe this line item according to the relevant inven
‘eCPM’- fill the applicable eCPM. In case this inventory refer to inventory with a floor
rate please fill this rate, in other case you should fill the eCPM MobFox is generating
with this inventory.

4. Add creative to your Line Item
• Click on ‘Orders’
• Click on the desired Order
• Click on the Line-Item related to this Order
• Click on ‘Creatives’ Tab (next to the ‘Ad-Unit’ tab)
• Click on ‘New Creative’
• Fill in ‘Name’ and select ad Format
• Select ‘HTML’ / ’VAST’ / ‘IMAGE’ on the ‘Creative type’

5. Ad Unit Targeting
Choose the Mopub’s Ad Unit which you would like to mediate to MobFox platform.
Click ‘Next’

6. Audience targeting
Setup your own settings and click on Save.
For any additional request please contact your Account Manage or our Support Team.

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