• Open the “MY APPS” tab and click on “+add Inventory” 
  • Choose the Inventory type ( iOS app / Android app / Mobile website / Windows phone app )
  • Make sure to choose the right type. 
  • Next page is about configuring and detail your inventory.
  • It has several parts which must be filled properly. 
  • Explanation for each section is following.
  1. Internal Settings
  • The title of you inventory is actually the name of it we all going to use.  Give a short title best describing the inventory by its dedication to format, tier, etc. (for example – “Angry birds app – iOS - banner – 1.5$”
  • Once you fill all the necessary details in the page, click on “My app is ready for verification” 
  • If you use VAST tags as integration click on “enable ATS support”

2. Data for demand partners 

  • That section is requiring the data of your inventory which will be reflected to Mobfox demand partners targeting your inventory. 
  • It most likely will be filled automatically by our algorithms, if no, fill accordingly to the field. 
  • Please put extra attention to fill IAB category of your apps. That’s one of the targeting parameters demand partners use

3. Video and Native configuration. 

  • Your Video request will override the Video Ad Settings, so if not required by Mobfox team or your tech team, no need to fill
  • If you plan to send Native traffic, please enable it by clicking on the Native checkbox (highlighted in yellow), it will allow you to modify and adjust native demand to your app. 
  • Native settings are override by the request as well but must be enabled in Mobfox platform.
  • Once finished all, click on Creating Inventory.

4. Now you created your Inventory and can find all the details (such as SDK documentation and Hash) required for its integration with your app.

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