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📈BigOne Exchange - Funding & Withdrawing
📈BigOne Exchange - Funding & Withdrawing
Written by Razan Hantash
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eUSD and MOB are listed on BigOne; a global cryptocurrency exchange. You can do the following:

  1. Withdraw eUSD into BigOne and then swap for other currencies like USDT or BTC

  2. Deposit crypto into BigOne from another exchange or wallet. Then swap for eUSD so that you can fund your Sentz account and take advantage of simple, secure global payments

Using BigOne

  1. Create an account with BigOne by downloading their app or signing up on their website

    1. BigOne may not be available in certain countries or US states.

  2. BigOne allows unlocks features like depositing and withdrawing based on your security level.

    1. In order to deposit assets, you must enable 2FA using Google Authenticator.

    2. In order to withdraw assets, you must pass KYC and enable an asset pin.

    3. For more information; please read this guide provided by BigOne.

  3. Once you've signed up, enabled 2FA, created an asset pin, and completed KYC; you're ready to deposit and withdraw your funds from Sentz using their platform.

  4. If you have any trouble pasing KYC, please contact BigOne's support team. To contact BigOne's support team:

    1. In the app, select the profile icon on the top left

    2. Choose support on the bottom of the menu

    3. Enter your account email and issue type.

    4. Enter "n/a" if you don't have your account number

    5. Submit your ticket

Withdrawing from Sentz to BigOne

  1. Select "Wallet" in the bottom nav

  2. Select "Deposit" in the Total Balance section

  3. Enter the currency you want to deposit (eUSD or MOB)

  4. You will see a deposit address. Copy the deposit address

  5. In Sentz, select the "send" option

  6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw

  7. In the contact screen, paste the deposit address that you copied from BigOne

  8. Confirm the transaction

  9. Funds will arrive in your BigOne wallet within a few minutes.

Selling eUSD or MOB for USDT in BigOne

  1. If you want to swap to another currency, you will need to move funds from your "Funding Account" to your "Trading Account"

  2. To do this, select "Wallet" in the bottom nav

  3. Select "Transfer" in the Total Balance section

  4. Select the token you are transferring and the amount

  5. Select transfer

  6. In the Trading experience, you'll be able to sell your eUSD for USDT.

    1. Select "Spot"

    2. Update the crypto you want to sell for USDT (in this case eUSD or MOB)

    3. Select "Sell" in the Buy/Sell menu

    4. Where it says "Limit", select "Market"

      1. For advanced traders, you can choose the type of order you want to create from the following options so you can determine the best pricing: limit, market, limit trigger, market trigger.

    5. Enter the amount that you want to sell

    6. Tap the sell button

Withdrawing from BigOne to Another Wallet or Exchange

  1. Funds can be withdrawn from your funding account. If funds are in your trading account, transfer them to your funding account.

  2. Select "Wallet"

  3. Enter the currency that you want to withdraw

  4. Paste the wallet address where you want to receive your funds.

  5. Ensure that you've selected the right network

  6. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw

  7. Select "Request Withdrawal" to confirm your order

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