Use our Bill Pay feature to send check payments to your landlord and opt-in to report those payments to Equifax and TransUnion. Positive rent payment history can help boost your score.

Tap the image below to watch a step-by-step video for adding your landlord as a biller, opting in to report rent, and paying landlord all inside the app:

Pay & Report Rent to the Credit Bureaus

In addition to monthly reporting, we can also submit a one-time report of up to 24 months of past rental payment history. If you have proof of consecutive rental payments of up to 24 months, we recommend reporting those first.

To receive detailed instructions, please contact our Rental Payment Team at

Once you’ve reported your payment history, then head to the Money tab in the MoCaFi app. Select Pay Bills. Follow the steps to add a Biller. Use the MoCaFi app Bill Pay feature to pay your rent each month.

Rental Payment Reporting is not a Sunrise Banks N.A. product, nor does Sunrise Banks N.A. endorse this feature.

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