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Choosing the right subscription plan
Choosing the right subscription plan

Which plan is best for you?

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Once you've explored and learned the value of Modash, you'll likely decide it's time to upgrade to a larger plan.

There are 3 premium plans to choose from and a custom enterprise option. The plan names are Advanced, Performance and Essentials.





Search pages








Emails & Exports








Team seats




You can learn more about the pricing here: But do keep in mind that we have awesome annual deals available where you can get up to 2 months of usage for free!

Essentials plan:

This plan is best for companies who are still interested in trialing Modash but need more time and higher usage limits to commit to the tool. Consider booking a call with our team.

Performance plan:

This plan is your best bet for scaling up. Perfect if you have one person dedicated to influencer marketing.

Advanced plan:
This plan is best for teams who have scaled influencer marketing and are using Modash to optimize existing processes.

If you need any help choosing the right plan, you can always contact our Support or your dedicated account manager.


Below each limit is defined.

Search page:

A single page of results in Modash - 15 search results. Below is an example of 1 search page in Modash. If you were to click "load next page" this would be an additional search page.

One way to think of this is that with the performance plan which has 3000 search pages you could view 45,000 individual search results (3000 search pages * 15 individual results = 45,000).


Every time you click a search result it opens up an influencer’s profile, which is counted as 1 profile towards your monthly total.

It includes information like:

  • If contact details are available.

  • Links to the user's other social media accounts

  • Number of followers

  • Average likes and comments

  • Engagement rate

  • Number of fake followers

  • Follower location by city

  • Follower location by country

  • Lookalikes

  • The most popular content from this creator

  • and more!

You can also check out the creator's in-depth report by clicking the "View full report" button after opening a profile. These include all of the information Modash has on a creator. And don't worry, we do not count another limit for opening up this report. It is already included when you open up the profile.

Emails & Exports:

After building an influencer list, you can export it or click on 'unlock email' to get their contact details.

In plans, an export refers to the number of individual profiles you can export or unlock in a given month.

An export includes much of the data founder in the profile summary as well as contact information when available. Click on the image below to see the data that is included.

Profiles in Monitoring:

Modash's Monitoring collects the content and tracks different metrics of your influencer campaign for you. Profiles in Monitoring refers to the individual number of creators you can monitor simultaneously.

This way, you never have to screenshot Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok content, keep track of who has posted, or manually collect valuable branded imagery.

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