Our new Monitoring product will automatically collect posts and stories for you while tracking metrics related to your campaign. In less than one minute you can set up your campaign.

Once you've navigated to the Monitoring tab in Modash click the "New Campaign" button.

First, add influencers to your campaign. You can choose one of three options.

  1. You can import influencers from a CSV (spreadsheet).

  2. You can import influencers from an influencer list you have created in Modash.

  3. You can manually add influencers one by one by providing their @username

Most users choose to build a list(link) in the influencer discovery page and then choose the "select a list" option to easily move that list to Monitoring.

Once you have chosen an input, click "Continue" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to move to the next step.

Adding tracking tags:

Tracking tags are the information Modash looks for which tell us that a piece of content is a part of your campaign (rather than a normal post from the influencer). We look at 3 different kinds of indicators.

If the influencer posts any one of the indicated hashtags in the post or story, we will collect it as part of your campaign.

If the influencer posts any one of the @mentions in the caption / description of a piece of content we will collect it as part of your campaign.

If the influencer tags any one of the indicated accounts as part of the content, we will collect it.

A tag is not an @mention in a caption / description. It is applied to the image itself. See the image below for an example.

NB! Modash will collect all content with any 1 hashtag, @mention or tag you have indicated. It is not necessary for the creator to use all of the indicators. 

After adding tracking tags, you will see two remaining checkboxes at the bottom of the page. They are explained below.

Mandatory hashtags, mentions and tags:

In Monitoring, we collect all content for you. We we alert you if something has gone wrong with the content if you choose to check this box.

When we collect the content, we will check if ALL of the hashtags and mentions and tags are present. If not, you will see an error like the one below.

Mandatory ad disclosure:

Similar to the example above, you may want influencers to disclose that the post is an advertisement. If you click this checkbox when setting up your campaign, we will alert you when a post is published that doesn't include ad disclosure.

Last step: Adding a start date.

The last step is a simple one. Choosing the date you would like us to start collecting content.

To choose a date, simply click the box indicating a start date and choose one you prefer. Your start date may be up to 6 days in the past.

NB! Modash checks for content approximately every 12 hours

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