What is a fake follower?

A fake follower is any account created for a reason other than normal Instagram use. This can be to inflate likes or followers, spam other users or collect data on other Instagram accounts. They are not your target customers.

How do accounts gather fake followers?

Every Instagram profile has some fake followers. Some fake accounts on Instagram follow profiles in a seemingly random fashion. Some social media influencers purchase fake followers in order to earn more money from brand deals, amongst other similar reasons.

How do we detect fake followers?

We score billions of accounts to determine "normal" Instagram behavior. Accounts that do not score highly enough are flagged as fake. Some criteria that score includes are:

  • Missing profile image

  • Following : followers ratio

  • How long the account has existed

  • Number of posts

  • Missing bio

Should I work with influencers who have fake followers?

All influencers have some fake followers. You want to focus on the number of real followers in your target audience. Bigger profiles tend to have roughly 20-30% and smaller(>50k) 10-20% fake followers. If you find a creator with 25% fake followers, this alone is not enough information to make a decision. That same creator could have 500,000 followers, 75% of them are in your target city, age group and gender and with a good engagement rate. It means they still reach hundreds of thousands of people who might be interested in purchasing your product.

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