How do I create new sites? 

In your dashboard you can create new sites in seconds! Just click the gear icon on your site thumbnail and select “new site.” Just give it a name and a new WordPress site with instant SSL will be created in seconds. No need to create a separate admin login.

Do I need C-Panel?

Not at all. It’s not 2003, and you shouldn’t have to rely on old tools. We’ve already optimized all the heavy lifting; so, whether you’re creating a site or migrating an existing one, the mod dashboard handles it all.

Do you offer SSL certificates?

Yes! Every single mod site is created with an SSL by default. There’s no activation, no separate charge, it just works out of the box as soon as you create a site.

Does my site have enough RAM/CPU/Resources? What if I get a lot of site traffic?

We place no resource limits on your site’s storage or bandwidth. Whether you’re just starting off or business is booming, mod is designed to start and grow with you. We’re built with state of the art industry leading servers and we optimize and scale resources automatically, no phony upcharges or traffic caps!

Do I need to run my own caching or security plugins?

We already optimize your site to deliver content quickly and securely at the server level, so you don’t need a separate plugin. A lot of older plugins that claim to do this are little more than band-aids. Some even cause issues and as a result we don’t allow. See our full list of disallowed plugins.

Is my site backed up?

All sites are backed up redundantly in data centers around the world in real time.

How do you handle email sending?

For contact forms and other similar fields, we use our own custom mail server to ensure messages are sent and don’t end up in spam. This is automatic and included by default.

How do I connect an existing domain to my site on mod?

You can easily to point your DNS records to our servers. We can even do it for you as part of our Free Migration.

How does support work?

All sites come with customer care. Business plans include priority customer support and our and Enterprise plans include dedicated customer support.

Can you help me improve my site?

Nearly all sites will receive a significant speed and performance increase by switching to our superior hosting. Additionally, we offer a site audit and clean-up to make your site run even snappier.

How do you deal with WordPress core updates?

We update all sites to the latest version of WordPress by default. You can contact us to opt-out.

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